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Separation between Suresh and Sambanthan on Geneva visit

Member of the Tamil National Alliance Suresh Premachandran announced leader of the party Sambanthan and Sumandhiran personally decided not to representate directly at the UN Human Rights Council session in Geneva and also went on to say this was not the stance of the entire party.

Speaking to BBC Tamil Osai MP went on to say majority of the TNA members are interested on direct representation of the party at the UNHRC session and also added he was not interested working against the wishes of majority members of the party.

While returning to the islands since end of the discussions with Tamil Nadu government leaders MP stated he will hold discussions on this issue with the party leadership in Colombo and stated it was not a healthy condition to ignore the UNHRC session in Geneva.

However speaking to BBC Tamil Osai on Saturday TNA leader R.Sambanthan announced that the TNA would not represent the UNHRC session in Geneva and also said he do not like to hold media briefing on this issue.
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