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SB reveals his aim of training for university students in Army camps

15 May 2011
At the intended leadership training in Army camps for new entrees for universities the freshers will be taught how to wake up early morning, brush their teeth, wash their faces and how to take their meals properly says the Minister of Higher Education S.B. Dissanayake
.  He had said there is no other place to give such training to new university entrees than the training in Army camps.

The Minister of Higher Education has said he wants to create a great intellect that loves his university, has even a temporary love affair, who studies in the library and talks in English. He had said his intention is to create an intellect that sees the world above the horizon as mentioned in President Mahinda Rajapakse’s education policy and such individuals exist only in Army camps the minister ahs added.

The Minister of Higher Education S.B. Dissanayake said this when he met Army instructors at Panagoda Army camp on the 13th for a programme of leadership for new entrée to universities.

The Minister with a smile said from 1988 till he was appointed the Minister of Higher Education the universities were ruled by students and after he became the minister he suspended students en mass and in one such instance the name of a deceased student at Sri Jayawardenepura university too appeared in a list of students that he suspended.


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