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Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Sajith presents SJB’s 20 point ‘Alternative/Practical Path’ program.

Image courtesy of Daily FT.

The ‘Alternative/Practical Path’ program of the Samagi Jana Balawegaya was presented by its leader MP Sajith Premadasa today.

The 20-point program was presented during the Adjournment Debate on the Statement of Government Policy.  It was presented by the President yesterday.

The 20-point ‘Alternative/Practical Path’ program:

  1. Shifting towards expanding the economy by departing from the government’s contraction program, emphasizing private sector-led economic growth for rapid economic development. The goal is to enhance living standards and achieve inclusive economic growth centered on equality and justice.
  2. Signing a more humane and developmental agreement with the International Monetary Fund by revising the existing agreement for improved micro and macroeconomic management.
  3. Drafting a national plan to elevate foreign direct investment (FDI) by attaining high rankings in the Ease of Doing Business Index and the Corruption Index.
  4. Launching a comprehensive anti-corruption campaign, not confined to legislation but embedded in the constitution. The constitutional article for eliminating corruption should only be amendable by a special majority in Parliament.
  5. Focusing on export-oriented economic growth to revive the export sector.
  6. Promoting small, micro, and medium-scale industries that contribute significantly to the economy, constituting 50% of GDP and 52% of total employment.
  7. Establishing a fair tax structure through substantial changes to the current regressive tax policy.
  8. Launching a ‘National Poverty Alleviation Campaign’ to strengthen the economy and eradicate poverty for the genuinely impoverished.
  9. Initiating a stolen assets recovery program to reclaim national assets unlawfully taken, reinvesting them in public development.
  10. Introducing a smart education system by leveraging modern technology, replacing traditional rote learning methods.
  11. Incorporating social, economic, cultural, educational, and health rights as fundamental rights, not limiting them to civic and political rights.
  12. Implementing an eco-friendly, green sustainable development pattern inspired by global sustainable growth concepts.
  13. Establishing an information technology-led intelligence center and promoting information technology-related exports.
  14. Empowering farmers with technology, including agro-technology and post-harvest technology, to optimize land and marine resources.
  15. Accelerating the promotion of renewable energy.
  16. Launching an integrated national household development program focused on land and housing rights.
  17. Cultivating a skilled and talented workforce by introducing modern education concepts from institutions like the Indian Institute of Technology and Management.
  18. Strengthening democracy by enhancing checks and balances among the executive, legislature, and judiciary. Addressing challenges to media freedom through positive revisions to the Online Security Act.
  19. Establishing a Presidential Task Force and national development operations to support vulnerable groups such as women, youth, children, retirees, disabled individuals, and women-led households.
  20. Taking measures to eliminate extremism by fostering national unity, harmony, fraternity, and friendship.


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