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Sunday, April 14, 2024

Sagala’s dual role as Govt. employee and UNP organiser questioned

Journalist Lasantha Ruhunage has written to the Election Commission of Sri Lanka (ECSL), requesting clarification regarding whether former United National Party (UNP) MP Sagala Ratnayake, presently serving as the President’s Chief of Staff, is eligible to concurrently hold the position of National Organizer within a political party.

In a letter dated 23 March 2024 to ECSL Chairman R. M. A. L. Ratnayake, Ruhunage highlighted that in his current role as the President’s Chief of Staff, Ratnayake is restricted from engaging in political campaigning activities due to his status as a Government employee.

Ruhunage, citing the relevant Constitutional provision, has inquired if a public servant lacking such political rights can simultaneously serve as the National Organizer of the UNP.

Notably Ratnayake was observed delivering a speech at the inaugural UNP rally in Kuliyapitiya earlier this month, marking the commencement of the party’s political campaign leading up to the impending elections.

Ruhunage in his letter also urged the Commission to investigate President Wickremesinghe’s announcement at the Kuliyapitiya gathering regarding the doubling of benefits under the Aswesuma social security scheme.

Ruhunage emphasised that it falls upon the ECSL to guarantee equitable conditions for all political parties during the upcoming elections

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