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Ruling coalition partner MEP wants 13 A repealed.

Devolution of political and land powers to district units would be a viable option instead of the Provincial Council system, the Mahajana Eksath Peramuna (MEP) led by Minister Dinesh Gunawardane said today
 Reiterating the call for the abrogation of the provincial council system, Minister Gunwardane said that the proposed bill to repeal two provisions of the 13th Amendment should be enacted in Parliament and all the parties had a national responsibility in this exercise.

 He said it had been proven that the provincial council system was a failure.

 Mr. Gunaradene therefore said a large number of funds have been wasted through the Provincial Councils.

 Minister Guanwardene said the government had been able to implement its development policies successfully in every district. “Hasn’t the government carried out development without the Provincial Councils successfully?” he queried.

 He said the district based system had been recommended by others as well including a former Chief Justice who had called for the system based on districts.

 He said the Uttara Sanga Sabha also came out with a proposal to set up a similar system 20 years ago.

 Responding to a question raised by journalists on the ideas that have been expressed by India that 13th Amendment should not be repealed, he said such a stand by India is obvious especially after meeting Indian officials with the TNA MPs.

 Besides he said even India was looking towards amending its constitution and had already made some changes.

 He said dividing the Bihar state into two other states was a perfect example for it.

 Also he said the 13th Amendment was enacted in an illegal manner and thereby recalled that a majority of judges who were included in the bench of nine Supreme Court judges held that the methodology followed in enacting the 13th Amendment was illegal.(By Yohan Perera and Dianne Silva)


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