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Rs. 8.6 M Fraud Using ‘Prince Charles Credit Card’:Ruling Party Politician Given Bail of Rs.10,000

Fort magistrate Thilina Gamage has ordered to release three persons including Kotte Urban Councillor Don Ranjan Ponnamperuma alias Tyre Ranjan, who are charged for a financial fraud amounting to Rs. 8.6 million using a counterfeit credit card resembling that of UK’s Prince Charles on sureties amounting to Rs. 10,000 each, reports SriLanka Mirror.

The fraud was reportedly committed in 1996-1997 and was taken up again on Oct. 14, 2014 after being laid by around 15 years. The ruling party politician Ponnamperuma, who worked as a security worker of the Peoples Bank during the 90s, is now a millionaire business tycoon, owning several businesses including the Ranjan Tyre House in Nugegoda.

The case was taken up again upon the intervention of London branch of the HongKong Shanghai Banking Corporation (HSBC).

The case is to be taken up again on Nov. 15, reports SriLanka Mirror.


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