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Saturday, December 2, 2023

Rs.10 M Spent to Concrete Anuradhapura Stadium Ground for Rajapaksa Inaugural Rally

[Flagrant misuse of power by Rajapaksa clan]
Over one million Sri Lanka rupees from the Provincial Council budget will be spent for laying of concrete at the Salgado Stadium for Rajapaksa inaugural rally to be held on December 11.

Expecting a rainy weather over next week in Anuradhapura area the stadium is being completely renovated to make the ground solid. Heavy machinery is used to prepare the ground for laying stones to be reinforced with concrete later.

This is an unprecedented level of misuse of power and public money in Anuradhapura area, an opposition activist told SLb.

BBC sinhala service reports that sports associations in Anradhapura has protested against the destroying their stadium in vain.


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