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Rogue released to conceal foreign exchange offence of President’s B-i-l ? – whither laws ?

The youth who burgled the house of Air Lanka chairman , Nishantha Wickremesinghe, the brother in law of President Mahinda Rajapakse and took away cash and articles worth Rs. 80 lakhs has been freed , and the case against him was withdrawn.

This suspect who entered the house of Nishantha Wickremesinghe recently had robbed US dollars 11500, 10,500 sterling pounds and cash amounting to Rs. 40 lakhs. It is reported that Nishantha Wickremesinghe had withdrawn his complaint because he was in possession of foreign currencies exceeding the amount he can legally have in his custody , and if the case goes up to the courts, the cat would be out of the bag that the air Lanka Chairman and President’s brother in law has brazenly committed an offence under the exchange control regulations punishable with imprisonment if proved.

Before it could be scandalized he had released the thief and withdrawn the case, it is reported
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