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Thursday, May 23, 2024

Reveal names of detainees in the North – JVP member’s motion adopted in Eastern PC

A motion presented by the JVP Member Wimal Piyatissa demanding the government to reveal names and places of detention of those persons detained on charges of taking part in LTTE activities during the war period and several other issues confronted by the people in the North was passed in the Eastern Provincial Councils on Wednesday.

The motion states the government has failed to establish economic stability, national unity or democracy despite two years have passed since the end of the war. As such, the Eastern Provincial Council, taking this situation into account, demands the government to implement the following proposals.

Allow institutions that have been established to protect democracy to act independently,

Declare names and places of detention of all LTTE suspects who have been detained on charges of taking part in LTTE activities during the war and

Open all roads and highways that have still been closed so that life in the North could be normalized.

When this motion was presented members of the opposition as well as the ruling party have expressed their support without any division. However, at the voting 6 out of the 7 ruling party members had abstained from voting while one member had voted against the motion. The motion has been adopted with 9 members voting for it.



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