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Monday, December 4, 2023

Report: Country Information and Guidance Sri Lanka: Tamil Separatism

[British Tamils Forum in action]
”Government forces continue to detain suspected LTTE sympathisers. The threat of a revived LTTE is also used to justify militarisation in the north. NGOs recorded incidences of sexualabuse to Tamil men and women .Tamil women, especially ex-LTTE cadres, widows and the wives of disappeared or‘surrenderees’ are vulnerable to sexual harassment, exploitation or assault by army personnel or other militias. The government has claimed that people who criticis ed Sri Lankan government policy or called for human rights accountability a resomehow in league with pro-LTTE forces within the Sri Lankan Tamil diaspora and engaged in a ‘hate campaign ’against Sri Lanka. Persons accused of trying to revive the LTTE or commemorate LTTE
cadres have been arrested as have persons calling for investigations into alleged government perpetrated war crimes. he government has also prohibited Tamil communities from holding commemorative services for their dead.”
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