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Reconciliation Includes Investigating the Truth, Carrying Out Justice and … – President

President Maithripala Sirisena said though the damaged buildings, destroyed roads and other physical resources were being re-built there was no reconciliation process during the post-war period to rebuild the broken hearts and minds. “Therefore, as the new government we clearly state that our policy is that of development and reconciliation,” he said and added, “we cannot fulfill our expectations for reconciliation only through development.”

Addressing the Ranaviru Day at Matara today (May 19, the President said the reconciliation process includes investigating the truth, carrying out justice, eliminating the fear and mistrust and building trust among every community and re-building physical resources which were devastated by the armed conflict. Hence, with the experience of the war, we must understand the requirement of priority for the reconciliation process.”

President Sirisena said the Government, within its policy, will be committed to carry out the reconciliation process in the similar way that tri-forces, police and civil security force made their commitment in the war.

“We never let the brutal terrorism to be arisen in this country again. We will strengthen the process for development and reconciliation. We have kept foremost trust and honor on the tri-forces and leading security divisions. We must clearly state that we will take every possible step to strengthen the military service and to create a suitable environment to work by providing ample physical and human resources to the armed forces especially, when it come to the National Security,” he said.

President added that actions are being carried out for a new national security system and a new national security plan, according to the instruction given by the security heads at meetings.
(Original Caption: Our policy is that of development and reconciliation – President)


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