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Read the Message of the Mothers: The ‘Vavuniya Blockade’ by the Police in photos

A mother holding to loaf of Bread distributed as dinner after they were forced to leave their buses heading for Colombo

”On March 5th, 2013, at about 8.30pm, the Police blocked about 600 persons, comprising families of the disappeared and civil society activists from the North, from traveling from Vavuniya to Colombo to attend a protest organized by the ‘Association of the Families Searching for the Disappeared Relatives’ the following day (6th). Following the protest at Viharamaha Devi Park, in Colombo, the families had planned to march to the UN office in Colombo and hand over a petition. This protest was meant to be part of a larger campaign organized by the families of the disappeared to know the truth about their loved ones, and to lobby the international community to intervene on their behalf by calling on the Sri Lankan Government to provide them with truth, justice and accountability. As a result of this obstruction however, the planned protest could not be held” – Watch Dog

Police moving guarding unarmed Mothers, body language of the police shows that their despair 
The so-called equal treatment meted out to Tamil civilians : herding them ..  
NO permission needed to tell the truth and sit on the ground: they sat on the street as a protest
Hundreds of innocent family members waiting for justice  for their disappeared loved ones

Requesting Government officials to come out and accept their petition  
Ruling regime is blind and deaf to their grievances
Mothers of Vanni, calling UN form Vavuniya
Will they be heard in Geneva? Colombo is deaf 
They wanted Govt officials to accept their petition , only after mothers blocked the road the relevant officer came out 
What could be in their mind? Hope or Despair?  read the faces please!
Better to light a candle than curse the darkness: Mothers held a vigil

Photos provided by the watchdog group. Please credit to Anonymous via watchdog 


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