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Sri Lanka: A Public Petition for Reforms To be Implemented Within 100 Days

Ravaya, an alternative Sinhala language weekly, which has been campaigning for a democratic governance and minority rights for more than 25 years has now published a public appeal for signatures for what it calls a Public Petition for Reforms in the light of impending presidential election within few months time.

The petition is calling these reforms to be implemented within 3 months of a new President is elected.

The Alliance of the Opposition should ensure the general public that the Common Candidate it fields for the Presidential Election will carry out the reforms under mentioned within the first three months of his victory, says the preamble of the petition.
Petition covers a wide area of reforms as follows:
1. Right for Information
2. Law of Assets and Liabilities
3. Instructions Contrary to the Law
4. Causing Damage to National Harmony.
5. Independent Commissions
6. Reformations in the Electoral System
7. Media and Media Freedom
8. Auditing
9. Education
10. Public Health
11′ Security of the Pensioners
12. Enquiring into the Offences and Injustices Committed.
13. Settlement of Land Disputes
14. Setting up a New System of Governance
Read the petition as a PDF:Ravaya Public Petition for Reforms
Ravaya e mail:[email protected]

[Original photo: Rebecca Blackwell ]


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