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Ratnapriya Wants Govt to Consult all Stakeholders in Drafting New Constitution

The Joint Convenor of the People’s Collective Movement (Purawesi Ekamuthuwa), Saman Ratnapriya yesterday said that the government should hold a discourse with all stakeholders before formulating the new constitution.

Addressing the media conference in Colombo, Ratnapriya said contrary to statements made by leader of the Pivithuru Hela Urumaya, Udaya Gammanpila regarding the alleged Constitutional Coup to weaken the power of the central government, President Maithripala Sirisena had pledged to abolish the Executive Presidency while finding solutions to the ethnic issue with a new constitution.

Ratnapriya said that there were sections of the constitution which needed to be strengthened such as human rights and the right to live. New Chapters should be introduced.

“However unlike the budget it cannot be done sitting inside air conditioned rooms,” he said pointing out that the changes needed to be discussed with relevant groups. Their ideas should be sought and considered before drafting it.

Meanwhile Ratnapriya lashed out at the Leader of the Pivithuru Helaurumaya for his statement regarding war heroes. “Those who carry out contract killings for politicians, such as that of Prageeth Ekneligoda’s alleged murder, or terrorised people on behalf of politicos and their henchmen cannot be considered as war heroes, he said.

One of the greatest war heroes was degraded by the previous government, he said.

The Joint Convenor said that all those responsible for Ekneligoda’s death should be brought to justice.
by dilanthi Jayamanee
The Island


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