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Rajapaksa Stores Should be Closed Down – Anura Kumara, JVP Leader

[Thousands participated at the JVP rally}
“Buying from Rajapaksa’s shop should be stopped. Not only that – it should be made to close down,” said the Leader of the JVP Anura Dissanayaka at the rally held at Nugegoda yesterday (1st) under the theme ‘‘Defeat despotic regime! Rally for Democracy!!’, the first of the series of rallies the JVP has planned to hold in principal towns in the island as part of its election campaign.

Speaking further Mr. Dissanayaka said, “Two camps exist before us at present. One is the camp led by Mahinda Rajapaksa. The other camp is led by Miathripala Sirisena. What is in Rajapaksa stores? The owners of the shop are brothers. There are expired goods in it. The prices are high. The toffees that are sold there have poison inside with a sugar covering. As such, buying goods from Rajapaksa stores should be stopped. Also, this store should be made to close down.

On the other side is Maithri’s stores. It has a new board. It states the executive presidency would be abolished,17th amendment would be restored and the 18th amendment annulled. This is good. The board is new and the owner of the store is also new. However, we’re not sure about the goods in the stores. We are definite when we say Rajapaksa stores should be closed down. The people have to decide which stores to visit.

Those who worked in Rajapaksa stores too have come out. They say they regret putting their hands up for what Rajapaska did. They say Rajapaksa stores stinks. The JVP has been telling this throughout the past. As such, Rajapaksa stores should be closed down.”
[Courtesy – Lanka Truth]


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