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PSC on political solution a Govt. ploy

15 June 2011 /By Yohan Perera
The government decision to appoint a Parliamentary Select Committee to work out a political solution to the national question is a ploy adopted to overcome international pressure, UNP parliamentarian R. Yogaranjan charged today.

He said this was his personal view though it was backed by his party.

Mr. Yogarajan called for a solution to the national question based on the final report of the All Party Representative Committee (APRC) appointed by President Mahinda Rajapaksa.

He said the APRC proposals which he revealed jointly with SLMC member Nizam Kariyapar some time ago should be acceptable as the report was prepared by all the parties including the JHU and the SLMC which were represented at APRC delebrations.

“There is no need for a select committee just to delay the solution further and avoid it altogether,” Mr. Yogarajan said and warned that if these delaying tactic went on the Tamils would be compelled to ask for international support for a political solution.

The APRC proposals included the setting up of a second chamber – a Senate, community councils for Indian Tamils and Muslims out side the North and the East and that parliament should have no legislative power in respect of subjects and functions in the Provincial List while Provincial Legislatures should not have legislative power in respect of subjects and functions in the National List.


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