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Provincial minister involved in day light plunder

The land belonging to Sri Lanka Postal Department where Mahiyangana Post Office is situated was seized on the 22nd by the Minister of Agriculture of Uva Provincial Council and leveled using bako machines states Lanka Postal Services Union.

The Post Master of Mahiyangana Post Office Senadheera has made a complaint (No. CIB/22/282) to Mahiyangana Police. Despite the complaint being made at 11.20 a.m., the police had not taken any step to prevent the Member of Uva PC from seizing and leveling the land.

The seizure of the land that is visible from the police station has been carried out with the assistance of the police and all employees of the Mahiyangana Post Office have protested against the act says the General Secretary of Lanka Postal Services Union D.M. Wijeratne.

Mr. Wijeratne said the act of seizure of the land by government politicians with the help of the police is condemned with disgust and the union has demanded the Postal Department to take over the land immediately.

There had been several attempts to seize the land but it had been prevented due to opposition by employees.



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