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The Protest Campaign ‘Viyaruwata Eherihiwa’ Attacked by Govt Politicians

A group of thugs led by Government politicians has attacked the campaign of the ‘Viyaruwata Erihiwa ; Jeewithya Wenuwen – ‘වියරැවට එරෙහිව, ජීවිතය වෙනුවෙන් ( Against the Craze for the Life) at Eppawala in Anuradhapuraya district few hours ago, today ( 05 Dec 2014), according to a press release issued by Sampath Samarakoon on behalf of the Co-ordination committee.

Chairman of the Eppawala local Government body, the Pradesheeya Sabha, Wasantha Bandara and member of the Sabha Uthitha Kumara has led the gang of thugs that attacked the campaign.

The gang has arrived as the campaign was coming to an end and assaulted some of the participants including the well-known peace singer Jatathilaka Bandara. The gang has later fled as large number of people gathered against the gang.

‘Viyaruwata Erihiwa ; Jeewithya Wenuwen – ‘වියරැවට එරෙහිව, ජීවිතය වෙනුවෙන් campaign is traveling around the country exposing the present regime’s anti-democratic practices and consists of large number of civil groups.


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