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Probe ( against former CJ) has no legal grounds says former CJ

The attempt to investigate the former Chief Justice (CJ) has no legal basis say Sarath N. De Silva, former chief justice. Media reports say, the speaker had decided to appoint a parliamentary select committee to conduct an official investigation in to alleged abuse of power during De Silva’s tenure as Chief Justice.
“I have left the position over two years ago. The parliament only has power to investigate government officials currently holding office. They can’t sack me now.” Former Chief Justice told the BBC Sinhala Service.

A group of Sri Lankan parliamentarians have handed in a petition to the Speaker of the parliament seeking appointment of a parliamentary select committee (PSC) to probe the conduct of former Chief Justice.

Seventy government MPs

Reportedly, 70 government MPs have signed the petition to appoint the parliamentary select committee (PSC).

One of the main allegations against former CJ is about alleged unjust penalisation of eleven judges during his time in office.

The committee is expected to compensate those who were affected by the “unjust” decisions during his tenure.

“This is just another effort to tarnish my image.” Said former CJ
Former Chief Justice Sarath N. De Silva was known for many controversial judgements during his tenure.

Since his retirement, Former Chief Justice became an outspoken critic of the current administration.

 BBC Sinhala


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