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Pro-LTTE Groups Call For Polls Boycott – By Upul Joseph Fernando-

They want Mahinda to return to power by forcing the Northerners not to vote, as they did in 2005

“Did you read Tamilnet?”

A Sri Lankan diplomat recently asked this from a journalist.


“You read and call me.”

The journalist replied, “I read Tamilnet. The Tigers appear to be on the stand they were in 2005.”

He sounded as if terrified by a nightmare. The diplomat laughed without saying a word.

It is not difficult to understand the LTTE’s position when Tamilnet is read. They want to defeat Maithri through a boycott of voting in the Northern Province. They want to see Mahinda win the election.

“Tamil people must defeat both Mahinda and Maithripala,” news posted in Tamilnet website on 18 December said, quoting Gajendrakumar Ponnambalam. He argues the presidential election in the South is a result of a geopolitical gamble in which India and Western countries support Maithripala while China supports Mahinda.

He further states the Tamils will not be benefitted by going after the presidential candidates of the South. He highlights the Tamil people must defeat both candidates. He accuses the TNA of betraying the Tamil people by supporting Sarath Fonseka at the 2010 Presidential Election. He says there are no issues against defeating Mahinda Rajapaksa, but the TNA’s secret deals are suspicious. They can urge the Tamil people at the last moment to vote for Maithripala Sirisena, another Rajapaksa like. “Bringing in another Rajapaksa to power in the South will not benefit the Tamils. This is not changing the government, but changing the individual leader. The leaders of the South will do anything for the greed of power. Tamil people must not avail themselves to be used as bate,” he urges.

Chandrika’s broken promise

Gajendrakumar points out that 17 years ago, Chandrika promised to bring peace and gained 62% of the vote thanks to the Tamil votes. But, she continued the war. The only Tamil MP who warned about this was late Kumar Ponnambalam. Ranil Wickremesinghe came to power in 2001 promising peace but laid a defence net against the Tamil people, with the support of the international forces. He also created the split of Karuna Amman. We know the genocidal history of Rajapaksa. But, Maithripala is not ready even for a federal solution. He is not ready at least to punish war crimes. Maithri is backed by racist JHU and JVP,” he points out.

Gajendrakumar is the son of late Kumar Ponnambalam. Both the father and son represent Tamil Tigers, although they appear to engage in democratic politics. Gajendrakumar made this statement to the Tigers’ propaganda organ.

On Monday, Tamilnet exposed a secret discussion between TNA, Ranil and Chandrika. Reportedly, TNA MP M.A. Sumanthiran has said at this discussion that Maithripala Sirisena must be backed unconditionally. He has pointed out that the Sinhala people may go against him if he delivers promises to the Tamil people.

Tamilnet reported that Sumanthiran has said he had met the Tamil people of the North and East. He has said that 98% of them support Maithripala and only 2% are against him.

Criticizing this discussion, Tamilnet urges the Tamil people to teach a lesson to both leaders of the South and the TNA.

Keeping the Eelam dream alive

All these are evident that the LTTE is still on the stand it was in 2005. They think that the Maithri, Ranil, Chandrika coalition will undermine the war crime charges and work to destroy the LTTE network in the world. They are of the view that they can get the support of the international community to follow their Eelam dream since they clash with the Mahinda Rajapaksa regime.

In 2005 also Prabhakaran thought that the LTTE could win the Eelam through bringing Mahinda into power with his allies such as the JVP and the JHU, which had no connections with the international community. They thought that Ranil Wickremesinghe, who has international recognition, may shatter their Eelam dream.

“Does that mean the LTTE will again go for a polls boycott like they did in 2005?”

It will be decided based on the fact whether the Tamil people can be manipulated by the TNA handled by Sampanthan and Sumanthiran, who are with India and the western nations or by the Gajendrakumar group, which is with the Tamil Diaspora. But, Gajendrakumar or the LTTE can no longer threaten people not to vote like they did in 2005.

Courtesy – Ceylon Today


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