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Premakumar says no JVP hand in his abduction

Addressing Sri Lankan journalists via skype from Australia yesterday (Apr. 11), FSP politburo member Premakumar Gunaratnam rejected claims that the JVP was linked to his abduction.

The Sri Lankan government deported the FSP strongman, who was in the island under the assumed name Noel Mudalige.

Noting that he was fortunate to be alive following his abduction, he said he would not leave politics despite any challenge.

Mr. Gunaratnam asked as to why those who had not questioned his identity when he had been serving in the fisheries ministry during the probationary government was doing so now.

Explaining in detail about his kidnapping, he said the armed abductors took him away in a van, which stopped somewhere about an hour later, where he was chained and questioned while being threatened and sexually harassed.

Their questions were about the FSP’s activities and whether it was having any connections with the LTTE.

Mr. Gunaratnam said that since his arrival in the country about seven months ago, he had been happy about his involvement in active politics, but had fears for his life.

On the day after the abduction, the kidnappers began to treat him well, and discussed about how he should be released, said the FSP strongman.

The van took him near the CID at Dematagoda and they told him to run to the office.

No sooner than he was arrested, he said, the government took measures to deport him, treating him as a violator of emigration and immigration laws.

Speaking further, Mr. Gunaratnam said there is a white van culture, with the blessings of a political authority, against those who raise a voice on human rights and democracy.

He thanked the Sri Lankan media and the Australian high commission in Colombo for their efforts on behalf of him.

He went onto say that had he done anything wrong, the law could have been enforced against him, and since there was nothing against him, he was abducted.

Mr. Gunaratnam stressed that he could not get his visa extended because the government and certain media had branded him a terrorist.

This is the result of getting involved in politics honestly, he said, adding that his feelings for the Sri Lankan people would not change due to the incident.


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