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Post-Election Violence Continues – CaFFE Wants Stern Action

Campaign for Free and Fair Elections (CaFFE) strongly condemns the attack on Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP) office in Agalawatte and the assault of a Pradesheeya Sabha member on Sunday by United National Party (UNP) MP Palitha Thewarapperuma. According to information received Thewarapperuma arrived with a group of supporters and disrupted an event to mark the opening of the SLFP office in Agalawatte.

Former Minister Mahinda Samarasinghe said that the group led by Thewarapperuma attempted to remove the decorations at the office and threw rotten eggs at the office.

“Thewarapperuma made a Pradesheeya Sabha member, Murugan Pushpakumaran kneel and assaulted them in front of everyone. This is really dangerous. I hope that the Leader of the UNP will take disciplinary action against this MP. Good governance can never be established through such a political culture,” Samarasinghe said addressing the media yesterday.

Matugama magistrate asked Thewarapperuma to appear on court on March 2. Thewarapperuma has a history of violence and at present the police are investigating an incident where the MP fired shots into the air at Baduraliya town.

Meanwhile the residence and three-wheeler of a United Peoples Freedom Alliance (UPFA) supporter at Pahala Kumbukgete, Suriyawewa was burnt down by an unidentified group. The attack took place when the residents were not at home and the owner of the house said that supporters of Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna (JVP) carried out the attack.

CaFFE is deeply concerned about the continuing post-election violence and urge the law enforcement officials to take stern action against election law violators. President Sirisena was elected on a platform of good governance and allowing state officials to carry out their duties without interference. It is reported that the IGP has asked for an investigation on the incident in Agalawatte and CaFFE urges the government to let the police carryout their duties without any hindrance.

– CaFFE Media Unit


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