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Politicians’ Sons Shoes Worth Rs. 150,000 A Pair & Drive Lamborghinis That Cost Rs. 50 million

[Lamborghini generation is Rajapaksas]
JVP leader Anura Kumara Dissanayake said in Parliament yesterday that the children of some political leaders were wearing shoes that cost Rs 150,000 a pair and belts worth Rs 64,000 each, while the majority of people were undergoing many hardships.

Participating in the second reading stage debate of the budget 2015, he said that nepotism was growing in the government. “Some children of leading politicians drive around in Lamborghini cars that cost over Rs 50 million,” he said.

Vast amounts of money were being spent to cater to the expensive needs of a few, while the majority of the people in the country suffer as they had to work hard to pay taxes, he said.  

“The 20 per cent new rich generation this government is breeding is enjoying over 55 per cent of the wealth of the country, while those in the lower strata get less than ten per cent of the share”, the JVP leader noted.

“Today Ministers are too scared to speak out. There are 28 files pertaining to allegations against Ministers at the Bribery Commission. If anyone makes a noise, they will start opening the files”, MP Dissanayake said.

He said that Minister Champika Ranawaka had started to make some noise over alleged corruption in the government but since then he too has become quiet.

“The Government promised to make this country aviation, naval, education and power hubs, but has failed in all these areas,” he said.
By Saman Indrajith/The ISland


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