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Police officers who arrested the Millionaire heroin peddler threatened with death–

 MP Duminda Silva acting as Hero in the heroin drama twice demands not to arrest ‘Japan Chooty’
According to reports reaching Lanka e news , following the arrest by the police anti Narcotics Bureau, of a Kingpin in heroin business along with his ‘kudu’ (heroin) valued at Rs. 40 million and who distributed heroin to Colombo , the Director of the narcotics Division , J P U Jayasinghe and the officer, Rangajeewa who conducted the raid have come under dire death threats.

An underworld leader from Thotalanga , ‘Japan Chooty’ is reckoned as the mastermind behind the distribution of heroin distribution in Colombo. This mastermind who had disappeared for a while some time ago had popped up again with the backing and fond patronage of Duminda Silva , the defense Ministry monitoring M P, reports say. It has come to light that this ‘Japan Chooty’ uses the vehicle of Duminda Silva.

An officer of the anti narcotics Bureau who wished to remain anonymous speaking to Lanka e news told that after the media reported about ‘Japan Chooty’ and his inglorious feat , Duminda Silva had got cold feet and twice contacted the Bureau desperately by phone today alone, and urged them not to take his ‘ Japan Chooty’ (heroin peddler) into custody in much the same way as a Hero in films shows concern when his heroine is taken into custody . The officer stated that consequent upon the arrest of ‘Japan Chooty’, a wealth of information on the heroin business in Sri Lanka is expected to be elicited.
This same officer speaking further said , it is an irony of ironies that while the defense Ministry is making a huge din about curbing and controlling the heroin business , its own Duminda Silva who is in charge of its monitoring , is exploiting defense Ministry Secretary’s powers and providing protection and safety to heroin Kingpins and peddlers. There is no doubt therefore that this case will very soon go underground, he added.

It is worthy of note that , recently , when a haul of contraband prohibited drugs, (cannabis) brought in from Kerala was taken into custody along with ‘kudu Ruwan’ alias Ruwan Chamila , a ‘ golaya’ ( stooge) of Duminda Silva , a group involved in this operation had made good their escape in a vehicle bearing registration No. K N 7046 – the Prado belonging to Duminda Silva. Despite the anti narcotics Bureau having with it tangible evidence in this regard , no legal action was enforced against Duminda Silva. The Narcotics Bureau officer regretted that the police was unable to give a chase and catch up with Duminda Silva’s Prado because the vehicle that the police gave chase was a decrepit one.

In this backdrop of the politically backed power of the underworld and drug peddlers reigning supreme , the death threats which were leveled against the police officers in yesterday’s raid cannot be dismissed as something not grave or portentous.


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