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Police (CID) After Murderous Clique in SriLanka Navy

A comprehensive investigation has been launched by the CID to apprehend nine officers of SL Navy including three senior officers regarding an incident in which 28 Tamil youths were said to be abducted and murdered say reports. Initial investigations have revealed that ransom money had been obtained from several youths before they were murdered.

According to CID the abductions have taken place between 2008 and 2011 and the youths abducted had been detained at Navy camps in Troncomalee and at Chaithiya Road in Colombo.

Identity cards of five youths and a passport have been found in a drawer when examining an office of one of the suspect senior navy officers. Investigations indicated that the youths, the owners of the identity cards and the passport, had been killed.

The organized clique had abducted five Tamil youths from a place at Mt. Lavinia. The CID states Navy officers have given evidence how a senior Navy officer abducted the youths and took them away in a white van. CID states youths from Kotahena, Bluemendhal, Mt. lavinia, Wellawatta, Bambalapitiya in Colombo and from several other areas had been abducted.

The manner 11 of the 28 youths of those who were abducted were murdered has been already revealed and a comprehensive investigation is being carried out by the CID to find out how the other youths were murdered.

Among the officers in the clique that are to be apprehended is a senior officer who had been a former spokesman for the Navy and another who has gone abroad to follow a foreign course. The CID officers conducting the investigation say steps have been taken to get down the officer back to Sri Lanka.

It is also reported that certain senior officers of the Navy as well as certain officers connected to the legal sector are attempting to protect the perpetrators


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