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PM Wickremesinghe Blames Media for Jeopardizing the Yahapalana Coalition

Blaming media for jeopardizing the Yahapalana coalition  PM Ranil Wickremesinghe has said that  “the media is the greatest enemy of harmony between the two major parties. The media has the biggest problem. The media is afraid that they will lose material to report if the two parties merge. But the media should also adapt to the trend. They need to know what will happen to them if they don’t change”.

At the same time he has assured that the United National Party (UNP) and the Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP) wish to work together in the national government to develop the country and have no intention of destroying each other.

“We (UNP) do not wish to destroy the SLFP and the SLFP does not wish to destroy the UNP. We wish to join together and develop this country for the people,” Wickremesinghe has said.

He was speaking at a religious event at the Ahangama, Dikkumbura Sri Sudarshi Temple on 06th Nov.

According to Wickremesinghe  the media  is the  greatest obstacle to unity between the two major political parties.

The PM stressed that the unity government will continue for five years and the people can decide after that. “We will continue for five years regardless of what comes in our way. Then the people can decide afterwards,” he said.

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Media scared of firm unity between UNP and SLFP: PM

Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe unlocks the entrance door of the newly built Buddha Mandira to mark the inauguration. Minister Vajira Abeywardana is also in the picture. Picture by Mahinda P.Liyanage- Galle Central Special Correspondent

The effective accord between the Sri Lanka Freedom Party and the United National Party will be the prime challenge for the contemporary media exercise. Media is afraid of the potential downfall in the event both parties are firmly united for a common cause for the benefit of the country and people. Nevertheless they have to improve to suit present transformations of the country, Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe said in Galle on Sunday.

He was addressing a public gathering following the religious ceremony of the inauguration of a newly built Buddha Mandira and unveiling the pinnacle of the Chetiya at Indurannawila Sri Sudharshi Temple in Habaraduwa, Galle.

“Media should know the potential future outcomes and given the future transformations in the country, the media will have to change their attitudes. We will continue our rule for the entire five year term despite various attempts to topple our government. We will develop the country and after five years we will give the people the chance to assess our contribution towards the progress of the country and take a decision on our performances,” he said.

“The government will not change until the end of its term because of media rhetoric. We will try to change the present media stand and bring them to our side. There should be an end to the media rhetoric. I have decided to call them for a dialogue after initiating all our development plans. There is no hurry for it. However by January I will invite them,” the Prime Minister assured.

With the five sixth majority election victory of J.R. Jayawardana the Sri Lanka Freedom Party was secluded. The U.N.P. sustained the sole ruling power. Upheavals in the country did not affect the unity of the party. He said civil wars could not divide the party. However, finally the party feel due to division.

“Today we are differently resilient and commanding. We have the forte of the two major parties. We do not want to destroy the SLFP and the SLFP does not want to destroy our party. We need to be united and develop the country. Thereafter neither of us will have the power. We aspire to develop the country through the alliance between the two parties as done in Germany,” Wickremesinghe assured.

Indurannawila Sri Sudharshi Temple Chief Incumbent Ven. Sapugasyaye Dhammapla thera delivered an anusasana. Ministers Gayantha Karunathilaka and Vijira Abeywardana also took part in the event.

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