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Saturday, July 13, 2024

Photos of the LTTE leaders killed after surrendering with white flags revealed

Photos of the dead bodies with gunshot wounds of LTTE political wing leader B.Nadesan and S. Pulithevan who were killed by the military after surrendering with white flags at the last stage of the war have been published by the Tamil websites worldwide.

The Sri Lankan government has repeatedly said that no LTTE leader who surrendered with the white flags was killed by the military. But the human rights organisations are of the opinion that the Sri Lankan government will be forced not to repeat that statement after this revelation.

A former UN co-coordinator has told Tamilnet website that the UN Colombo representatives were fully aware of all the details of those killed in a similar manner by the security forces. The spokesman has further stated that the LTTE leaders decided to surrender to the Sri Lankan forces after a pledge made to them by the United Nations.

All these photographs have already been submitted to the advisory panel appointed by UN secretary General Ban Ki Moon. The panel is to submit its report within the next few days.
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