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Photo story: Armed thugs protected by police unleashed against peaceful protest led by lawyers

10 January 2013: Thugs armed with wooden poles, rocks, glass tubes attacked, verbally abused lawyers led peaceful protest march and  physically prevented them marching on. Police protected the thugs standing in front of them  and did not arrest the any of the thugs behave violently and threateningly. Demo vehicles belongs to a ruling politician was parked with rocks and poles in the vicinity. SLB posts this this photo story on flagrant violation of peoples right to free expression and peaceful assembly courtesy of Vikalpa and other media sources.

Protected by Police thugs lined up behind them

Start shouting abusing slogans and threatening demonstrators   

Attorney at law, Ravaya editor K.W. Janaranjana and Attorney at law, UNP parliamentarian Dayasiri Jayasekara talked to the police  
Armed thugs were already at work in full police view 
Some of them were waiting for preys smiling 
Underage ones as well following the demonstrators
Thugs too over the streets, Police did nothing 
Attacked passer by underage one again on the scean  


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