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People living off NGOs ruining Sri Lanka – President

Dharma Sri Abeyratne
“Certain people who made money through NGOs are trying to tarnish the image of the country by spreading false propaganda”, President Mahinda Rajapaksa said. President Rajapaksa was addressing a mammoth rally in Tamil at Velanei, Kayts in Jaffna yesterday in support of the UPFA candidates contesting the forthcoming local government elections.
The President was accorded a rousing welcome on arrival at Velanei by thousands of cheering people.

President Rajapaksa said that certain people are making money while misleading the people of the North. The President further said that every person in the country is now experiencing freedom. “Jaffna is no exception. Everyone throughout the country is enjoying the peaceful atmosphere. People were badly affected by the war for over 30 years. But the country is now free from the clutches of terrorism and freedom and democracy is being enjoyed everywhere,” the President noted.

“The government rendered yeoman service to solve the problem which hampered the country’s progress for 30 years. Accordingly, the government united this country, achieving a victory over terrorism that had its global echoes. The country is now marching forward with determination, strength and courage to raise our motherland to a position of greatness in the world” President Rajapaksa said.

“The government will bring this nation to a position of greatness in this world, implementing the policy of Mahinda Chinthana: Vision for the future. The government will establish a better future for you and your children.

Therefore, this country will be driven forward with more courage, strength and confidence,” he said.

The President said certain people are spreading false rumours since they cannot bear the successes and achievements of the government. Most of these people who spread rumours are living abroad and their children are also schooling abroad. But they talk about the North.

The President requested these short-sighted people not to betray the country by trying to hamper its progress.

“Today the country is governed by a President of the UPFA which has significant power. The country can be driven forward by only this government”, the President noted.

“Rural areas that were ignored from the days of imperial rule are being developed and the nation’s doors are open for new employment, industry, business opportunity and massive development,” he said.

The President asserted that he would provide these areas with better facilities including infrastructure development, technological advancements, educational facilities, health facilities and much more.

“When development spreads and the revolution of roadways expands we will have several cities that are not second in any way to Colombo. This will inevitably lead to a completely different image of Sri Lanka that the world will see tomorrow,” President Rajapaksa said.

“We have carried out development work in the North and East as never before in the history of these regions,” the President said.

The President told the people that your friends and relatives abroad can come to Jaffna at any time without any obstruction on the A9 road.


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