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People in cloth sheds, Buddhist stupas built in Vanni

25 May 2011
Genocidal Sri Lanka’s ‘reconciliation’ in Vanni, abetted by its international partners is building huge Buddhist stupas there, while keeping Eezham Tamil natives in cloth tents. If building Buddhist establishments and new Sinhala-military townships in Vanni is the job of the state and re-building houses for the war-ravaged people and providing them with ‘milk and bread’ are the jobs of others
and the diaspora, what is wrong in Eezham Tamils and their diaspora demanding the world for their country to be handed over to them for the true development of its people and to ensure ‘milk and bread’ really reach them, asks a Tamil politician in Jaffna, particularly addressing India and two other South Asian countries Pakistan and Bangladesh that will be attending a Chinese sponsored coaching programme of Colombo by the end of this month on how to conduct genocide with international abetment.

Colombo’s concentration presently is on completely Sinhalicising Vanni.
The mushrooming Buddhist stupas built at a huge cost in Vanni are the epicentres of the programme.

At Kanakaraayan-ku’lam in Vavuniyaa district an extensive Buddhist complex is being built currently, adjacent to the A9 Highway. Colombo has confiscated some private lands for this purpose.

The Buddhist stupa currently built at Kanakaraayan-ku’lam with the backing of the occupying Army is going to be massive, reaching to a height of 500 feet.

All nearby lands in the locality have also been confiscated by the genocidal state and local people are prohibited from entering the whole locality.

In the meantime, the occupying military is giving new Sinhala names for the places and roads in Vanni where some people are recently re-settled.

Two roads in Ki’linochchi have been named in Sinhala as Mahinda Rajapaksa Maawaththa (Mahinda Rajapaksa Road) and A’luth Maawaththa (The New Road), with huge name boards, and interestingly, the occupying Army is providing high ‘security’ to the name boards.

The new Sinhala place names and road names are registered in the SL post offices as the official names of the places.

These are precursory actions before declaring open the military cantonment townships built with Chinese assistance at Kanakaraayan-ku’lam and at Mu’rika’ndi for the occupying military and their families, says local people. The construction of the Sinhala- military townships is nearing completion.

India that makes a big noise of building houses for the Eezham Tamils it helped to become subjugated in the war is waiting for the completion of the Chinese assisted Sinhalicisation programme in Vanni to confirm its agenda of permanent eradication of the nation of Eezham Tamils in the island, the politician in Jaffna said.


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