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Only criminals are abducted by white vans – Gota

Gotabhaya Rajapaksa

When a daily newspaper, after publishing that several ‘white van’ abductions had been carried out during the recent past, had asked the Secretary to the Ministry of Defense Gotabhaya Rajapaksa regarding this, he had responded by stating only criminals are abducted by white vans.

He had further stated only those who had raped ten or fifteen women have been abducted by white vans and said that when such wrongdoers are removed from society by any means it is the Defense Secretary who is blamed for their removal.    He had asked what was wrong in removing such criminals from the society.

The Defense Secretary had said the wrongdoers are removed from society by various means but the government is blamed for their removal and pointed out that the underworld does not exit at present. He had said when the underworld is removed the Defense Secretary is found fault for it as well.

He had said several criminals who were involved in rapes, drugs and abductions have been removed from the society. No one knows how they were eliminated. If people find that removing criminals too is a crime how could anyone find solutions for such issues he had asked.


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