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Monday, July 15, 2024

Numberslk’s & Helakuru pre-election polls among the young voters: AKD scores very high

Numberslk’s first pre-election poll:

Anuna Kumara Dissanayake has significant appeal among Sri Lanka’s youngest voters, securing an impressive 67% support from first-time voters.

Ranil W registered 10% of the vote, and Sajith Premadasa only 3%. In contrast to older voters, among the youngest, Sajith Premadasa is lagging way behind, with very few interested in voting for him.

One comment to the above post says that ” Online polls carry no weight when the samples are in House holds that have internet connectivity, 10 % on Ranil would be a sample in Colombo for sure ! As feet on the crowd polls will suggest otherwise!”

The current results from @helakuru’s presidential election poll closely mirror our April poll findings among young voters.


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