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Nobody can suppress Tamil psyche: M K Sivajilingam

14 May 2011
Eezham Tamils in NorthEast would mourn thousands of their slain kith and kin on 18 May, said M K Sivajilingam, a former TNA parliamentarian and the general secretary of Tamil National Liberation Front. “No one can suppress the memories of a people remembering the sacrifices of thousands of their loved ones,” the former Tamil parliamentarian said urging the Tamils in North and East to mark the day with courage in silence under the prevailing conditions of subjugation.

Eezham Tamils, kept under severe military harassments by the Sri Lankan forces, are barred from publicly mourning their kith and kin, who perished in the genocidal onslaught on Mu’l’livaaykkaal in Vanni two years ago.

The Sri Lankan military is actively monitoring the activities of temples, grass root organizations and student groups of any activities in connection with the Tamil Genocide Remembrance Day on 18 May, which the occupying SL military has claimed as ‘Victory Day’.

The occupying Sri Lankan military summoned the former Tamil parliamentarian last week for an interrogation after the former MP in his local election manifesto demanded the SL military to shift its camps away from Valveddiththu’rai town area, as these camps were causing inconvenience to the free movement of the public and to the return of normalcy.

The TNLF has also issued a statement in Tamil calling the people of NorthEast to mark 18 May peacefully


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