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Nimalka Fernando, former HRD now campaigning against LG elections in Sri Lanka

In a serious of tweets senior journalist Saroj Pathirana alleged that former human rights defender and co-chair of The International Movement Against All Forms of Discrimination and Racism (IMADR), based in Japan has become anti democratic campaigner supporting suppressive current regime in Sri Lanka.

In above Face Book post she says that ” Comrade Bahu (another Ranil Rajapaksa stooge) has thought us elections are a toll of liberal democracy. Are these tools relevant for a social change?

Journalists Saroj Pathirana quotes an recent article by  veteran writer and columnist Gamini Viyangoda too in his tweets.

The text of the tweets:

As political analyst Gamini Viyangoda points out, it is extremely worrying that “former pro-democracy activists” & “former #HumanRights defenders” such as Nimalka Fernando openly campaigning against LG elections.

This is how Nimalka Fernando, once a respected HRD, publicly opposes LG elections saying “Comrade Bahu has taught us that elections are a tool of capitalist liberal democracy,” while urging ppl in #SriLanka to “Get up Stand up for your rights”

Now she has defended disgraceful “secret” resignation of PSM Charles from the Election Commission during an election. Appearing on ITN, headed by another “former HRD” whom
USA ambassador to Sri Lanka still regards as CSA, Nimalka Fernando went into extent of misinterpreting Sri Lanka constitution.



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