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New rule: If you are an “investor” you can visit Sri Lanka with a forged passport!

“Robber Barons,” by Thomas Marsh. (Saatchi Art)
President Ranil Rajapaksa’s State Minister of Urban Development and Housing Arundika Fernando has forced Immigration and Emigration officers to release a detained Chinaman with a forged passport, reports Daily Mirror.
A Chinese passenger using a forged passport and his two friends, another Chinese and an Egyptian who attempted to enter the county at the Bandaranaike International Airport and behaved in an unruly manner when the Immigration and Emigration officers detected the forgery and prevented their entry, had been detained to be deported.

Then State minister has in writing forced immigration and emigration offices to release him on the ground that he is an “investor”.

The forged passport was allegedly issued by the Guinean government and Chinaman has come from Dubai on 18 May 2023.

The state minister who requested in writing to the Controller General of Immigration and Emigration to allow the Chinese passenger to enter the country, had pointed out that he was a foreign investor.

In his letter to Controller General Harsha Ilukpitiya, the State Minister stated that the purpose of the visit by the Chinese passenger was to invest funds towards a few housing projects in Sri Lanka which are under the purview of his ministry.

Immigration and Emigration officials has bowed down to illegal order of the minister and Chinese and the Egyptian were released on 20th morning.

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