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Negambo politico slaps a jailer inside police station

A prison officer attached to the Negambo prison has been admitted to the Negambo hospital due to an assault committed by Negambo municipal council UPFA member Daya Nilanga, inside inside Siduwa police station.The victim is a jailer named Samantha Dasanayake.
Hospital sources say that one of his ears have been injured due to the assault.

It is said that the victim had gone to the Siduwa police station on the 30th at night to search in to a matter regarding his cousins vehicle being arrested upon the MC member’s complaint.

He accuses that Daya Nilanga had assaulted him there.

He has further told the police that the MC member was also trying to make a false complaint that he had come to an armed robbery.

And he said that he had to be under police custody for nearly 24 hours due to this false accusation.

Siduwa police is holding further investigations.



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