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My mother will not back down from anything and if I personally have a ounce of her courage, I consider myself fortunate.- Shaveen Bandaranayake

My mother is the 43rd Chief justice of this country. She is also the 1st female Chief Justice in this country’s 200+ year history. She is an academic, one who possessed a PhD in Law before it went on sale. She is also a loving sister, mother and a wife. She is a hardworking woman who loves her country dearly and wishes to preserve its seemingly flailing integrity.
She is not a politician. She is not the kind of person who expects to do something and expect something in return. She is also not the kind of person who would waver or change under pressure or intimidation. She is not going to change her conscience on a whim. There have been many occasions in which she could have given in and been rewarded lavishly.


Most people are unaware of who my mother really is. Until recently, seldom would anyone have heard anything from her or about her. 
She has always believed that as a judge and as the Chief Justice, she must not socialize or be seen to favour any party. It is not that she is not a sociable person. It is purely because she feels it’s a burden she must carry in order to uphold the integrity of the august position which she holds. Is that incapacity? Is that misbehaviour? The powers that be claim the impending impeachment to be one to uphold democracy and the concept of separation of powers. Frankly, in my humble opinion, it is one of vengeance. It is one of spite and pure hatred.
There have been many people in support of my mother’s cause and I am both humbled and strengthened by it. Those who stand with us today, I feel, stand not just for my mother. They stand for the independence of the judiciary and a democratic society. My mother believes in this country and it’s people. She has been a citizen of this proud country for 54 years and have dedicated almost 32 years in various capacities for this country. The country has not betrayed her. It’s people have not betrayed her. Those who govern have betrayed the country it governs and the people who elected them.
My mother will not back down from anything and if I personally have a ounce of her courage, I consider myself fortunate. She has always fought for what is right and will do so until her last breath. An individual can live his/her life seeing the injustice around them, show a blind eye and die a forgotten entity. Or, you can stand up against tyranny and make a stand. The Chief Justice of the democratic socialist republic of Sri Lanka is making a stand. Which side you, the citizen takes, defines who we are as Sri Lankans!
– Shaveen Bandaranayake on his face book 


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