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Muslim peace secretariat funds under scrutiny: Rs 45.7 m spent sans details

Member and founder Secretary General of Peace Secretariat for Muslims (PSM), A. Javid Yusuf has charged that various financial and other irregularities have taken place at the Secretariat, and alleged that its Board of Directors has done little to rectify them.

In a letter to its President Shibly Aziz, he has questioned the expenditure of Rs 1,168,207 by the PSM for Board meetings in 2009/2010. “Even if a Board meeting was held once in two months, it would only amount to nearly Rs 200,000 per Board meeting,” he stated in the letter.

Mr. Yusuf said he had raised these matters at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) held in February 2011, but despite assurances that matters would be clarified, no such measures have been taken to date.
According to him, during the period under review, which was 2008/2009 and 2009/2010, Rs 46 million had been received from donors, of which only Rs. 300,000 remains in the bank as at date of the AGM, while the rest had been spent, with no report from the Board of Directors presented to the AGM, setting out the activities on which this money had been spent.

Mr. Yusuf also said that he had learnt that the Norwegian Embassy, which funded the Secretariat, had commissioned a special audit of PSMs accounts to investigate whether there had been irregularities.
When inquired, Mr. Aziz told the Sunday Times, that he had not attended any of the Board meetings. “I was asked to be the interim President, but in the absence of a confirmation, I have not attended a single board meeting or handled finances,” he responded.


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