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Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Muslim homes at Thotawatte, Panadura too attacked in a midnight terror operation

Groups that arrived at last midnight in two vehicles have attacked houses of Muslims who are in a majority at Thotawatte , Panadura. The residents who phoned us (Lanka e news) said , they have been attacked with stones and missiles by these goons and gangs who arrived at about 11.30 p.m. causing damage to their houses until the glass panes were smashed to smithereens.

The police had appeared on the scene after some one call them. The DIG too had visited the scene. The police answering inquiries made by Lanka e new said , as the Muslims were gripped by a fear psychosis due to the series of attacks , and are congregating on one place , the police are taking steps to dispatch them to places where there are security .
 Meanwhile , a Panadura police officer answering our phone call said , ‘of course homes had been attacked, but we never saw vehicles in the direction they were supposed to have gone. It is presumable they have themselves caused the damage.’
It is worthy of note , when the Muslim establishment ‘No Limit’, was reduced to ashes by a fire at yesterday morning The Police stated initially , that was due to an electrical fault . Later they retracted that view and said , it is due to a fire caused by a cigarette butt.


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