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Monday, June 5, 2023

Muslim Council wants India to explain its position on ‘ Muslim Terror’ groups in Sri Lanka

The Muslim Council of Sri Lanka has written to the Indian High Commissioner in Colombo asking him to explain the position of the Indian Government on reports of the existence of Muslim terror groups in Sri Lanka. In the latter which was released to the media today, the President of the Muslim Council N.M. Ameen says Indian and local media reports indicating that India is concerned over the presence of such groups in Sri Lanka will contribute to the hate campaign against Muslims in Sri Lanka.

“We kindly urge your Excellency to immediately clarify your Government’s position on this to avert confusion and conflict in Sri Lanka which does not contribute to reconciliation, peace and stability in the country,” Ameen said in the letter to Indian High Commissioner Y.K. Singha.
The Muslim Council says the Muslim community in Sri Lanka continue to be bashed by mainstream media and social media in Sri Lanka as being party to terrorist groups that target India.
The Muslim Council also noted that a recent arrest of a Sri Lanka based individual of Islamic faith in Chennai on charges of espionage has been used by some groups to cast a shadow on the Muslim community in Sri Lanka. (Colombo Gazette)


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