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‘Murderers confess getting Rs. 3.5 mil contract from Mervyn

The murderers of Hasitha Madawala have confessed to accepting a Rs. 3.5 million contract from Minister Mervyn Silva to assassinate several PS members, claims the Chairman of the Kelaniya Pradeshiya Sabha Prasanna Ranaweera.
He stated that today officials of the Kelaniya Pradeshiya Sabha are afraid to attend assembly or even a public meeting.

However, we are all active members of the Sri Lanka Freedom Party, he said therefore requesting the President, Defense Secretary and IGP to guarantee their safety.

Ranaweera stated that even though he has been provided with security, he requests authorities to do the same for the remainder of the PS members.

However, the main person – Minister Mervyn Silva still walks free and until he is arrested, there is a threat to our lives, the Pradeshiya Sabha Chairman told reporters during a press conference today.

He stated that removing Mervyn from the post of Keleniya electorate chief organizer alone will not suffice


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