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Murder of a British national in Tangalle in 2011: British MP disappointed over Govet reactions

British MP  Simon Danczuk who is in Sri Lanka now to push for the case regarding the murder of a British national in Tangalle in 2011, expressed disappointment over the refusal by ‘senior government ministers ‘ to meet him.  The British national was shot dead at a resort in Tangalle on the eve of the 2011 Christmas. Mr. Danczuk has arrived in the country along with the victim’s brother Nasser Shaik.

In a brief interview with the Daily Mirror in the parliamentary complex, Mr. Danczuk said he sought meetings with the senior government ministers on this issue, but they refused. 

“It is disappointing. They should have met with us,” he said.

 He said the slain victim was from his constituency in Britain, and therefore, he had a duty and responsibility to get the investigations into this case expedited.   Emphasizing that cases of this nature should be fast tracked, he said the rule of law had not been applied regarding this incident in Sri Lanka.
 “Both Sri Lanka and Britain follow commonwealth principles. But, the rule of law had not applied in this case. We are concerned.  Fifteen months have lapsed after the incident,” he said.

 Howerer, he said he interacted with MPs of Sri Lanka Parliament, who assured him to push for the case.

The visiting MP also thanked the Sri Lankan media for keeping this issue alive in the minds of people of the country.
 “We especially thank the Daily Mirror for the excellent job in pursuing justice,” he said.

.Nasser Shaikh , the brother of the victim, told the Daily Mirror that there was no warm welcome for their visit from Sri Lanka.(Kelum Bandara)



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