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Mr. Rajapaksa, Your Statement is Unacceptable and Dishonorable – Dulanjalee Premadasa

Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa, Member of Parliament , Carlton House, Tangalle

Mr Rajapaksa,

First let me say that, as a parent myself, I empathize with your wife and yourself on Yoshitha’s current legal status. Having said that I do not know whether Yositha is guilty or innocent until the court decides. Since it is an ongoing legal case I prefer not to refer to it in any way.

Mr Rajakaksa, I may sympathize with your circumstances but when you start dragging my good name in to the mud, when I am not involved in any of your present political problems, is when my sympathy turns to disgust. You were our former Executive President, but yet you slander me without any basis, simply because your son has been arrested.

I remember during the last General Election you resorted to doing the same. I did not arrest your son Mr. Rajapaksa, nor did I make you lose the election, you did it all by yourself with the help of your family.

My revered parents President Premadasa and Mrs  Hema Premadasa, did a stellar job in raising my brother and myself to respect and uphold the law of God  and the law of the Land. I did not need your supposed advice about leading an upright lifestyle because my parents carried out thatduty brilliantly. You should advice your children as their parent about leading their lives in a manner, which befits their position in society.

My brother and I were also a Prime Minister’s children and an Executive President’s children who never even imagined abusing our positions. Young as we were, our mother always reminded us that our father was a public servant while holding the offices of Prime Minister and President.

Mr Rajapaksa, you are well aware as I that I am innocent. You seem to think that you have a right to play around with my name when you have run out of excuses. This is unacceptable and dishonorable. If you are a credible lawyer you should know that I am not an accused and that this particular matter is an on-going court case and as such legally we cannot discuss it. Even you, now, must adhere to the law of our country.

My late father’s service and dedication to this country is unparalleled to any of his predecessors or successors. Whether you agree or not is of no importance. I know you attempted to match my late father’s achievements and the few instances I have briefly spoken  with you, if you recall, I have said that you were not even close to achieving it but I had commended you on your attempts to serve our country and stop the war. Let me remind you that you were successful in ending the war because your predecessors had laid the foundation for you to do so. Do I need to remind you that my dear father was assassinated by the LTTE?  To date my late father is the highest ranking Sri Lankan who was a victim of terrorists.  This shocked the International Community so much that the support for the LTTE started to wane. This happened because President Premadasa lived and worked for the masses without hiding in ‘ palaces’.

Mr Rajapaksa, one must face situations and not hide behind baseless accusations directed at innocent people. I would like to request you to please uphold your dignity and desist from making such comments again. I am aware that this is not the first time you have done it and this is not the first time I have requested you not to do it. I sincerely hope and trust that this will be the last.

Whenever your children’s activities are questioned by legal authorities, press and the law abiding citizens of this country, it is not right for a former President like you to duck and dodge without giving viable explanations. All you have done recently is to throw mud at me. You told me personally then, that I was the victim of the crime and not the criminal.

Furthermore, your false and arrogant claims of your letting me free when according to you, I was wrong, tantamount to a serious crime which can place you in jail for interfering in the course of justice and a police investigation.

Finally, let me remind you again that this matter is before COURTS and is accordingly subjudice and any comment on this is liable for contempt of court.

Please convey my regards to Mrs Rajapaksa.

Dulanjalee Premadasa


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