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Thursday, February 22, 2024

Move for an independent LLRC “follow up mechanism”

 With the conclusion of the first visit of US War Crimes Ambassador at Large, Stephen J Rapp, there is now a move to promote an independent mechanism for follow up on LLRC Recommendations, say informed sources, close to the ruling party.

 Information available for now indicate, a positive response from moderates within the government, with Sinhala intellectuals like long term Rajapaksa confidante and eminent lawyer Gomin Dayasri making public statements in support of LLRC recommendations.

“There is acceptance that Tamil people should be given a true voice in development” said a source, mooting the proposal, adding that the LLRC recommendations would help in such an approach. While the constitution and composition of such an independent mechanism for follow up is not clearly defined, the same source claimed it would be canvassed with President Rajapaksa, after which a decision would have to be taken by the President himself.

 US administrator Rapp is reported to have told a group of leading NGO representatives, that his gis aware of all that is happening in Sri Lanka, but they also needs to see a local initiative on the LLRC, adding, US would not treat the Rajapaksa government as a dictatorial regime.


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