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Missing Jaffna activist’s wife threatened by military

A group of military officers threatened the wife of missing Jaffna political activist Kugan Murugananthan yesterday (Mar. 23), alleges ‘We Are Sri Lankans.’  In a statement, the group says threats of this nature are very serious at a time when the military has been implicated in abductions in the North.

Murugananthan, together with colleague Lalith Kumar Weeraraju, went missing in Jaffna on December 09.

According to the statement, military officers had arrived in a jeep at the Achchuveli home of Kugan around 4.00 pm and forced his wife to sign a letter written in Sinhala without even explaining the content, alleges ‘We Are Sri Lankans.’

After she refused to sign the letter, the military men had threatened her and taken photographs of the woman and her daughter.

The group goes onto say that military officers had gone to her home today as well and made inquiries about her.

It says that it strongly condemns this lowly act, adding that complaints would be lodged with Achchuveli Police and the IGP



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