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Missing ITAK representative in Jaffna under ‘investigation’ in Colombo

The organizer of Ilangkai Thamizh Arasuck Kadchi (ITAK) in Jaffna City and a former representative of Jaffna University Student Union, Mr. Arnold, has been reported missing after being invited to Colombo by someone. He has been allegedly abducted and subjected to investigations by the Criminal Investigation Department of the Sri Lankan Police in Colombo, informed circles in Jaffna said.

The family of Mr. Arnold has not been informed by the Sri Lankan Police. The last message they have after losing contact with him is that he was invited by authorities in Colombo.

The TNA circles remain tight-lipped on the alleged abduction and investigations on their representative in Jaffna.

Sri Lankan authorities have been harassing TNA members elected to the civic bodies in the peninsula.

Mr. Arnold has been employed in an insurance company, according to his friends who complain that the TNA or ITAK have failed raising the issue with the authorities in Colombo.

Recently, a TNA representative of Valikaamam North Pirathesa Chapai was subjected to attack at Cheanthaangku’lam by the Sri Lanka Navy. The house of the representative of Valveddithu’rai (VVT) Town Council was subjected to attack by unknown persons and the electricity link to the house was cut off. The president of Kaarainakar Piratheasa Chapai was attacked while he was on duty.

The young members elected to the civic bodies in Jaffna on TNA tickets complain that the TNA hierarchy engaged in “talks” with the Sri Lankan government have not voiced for the rights of their members
21 January 2012


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