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Ministers complain to President : Defender vehicles sans licence plates,driven by armed individuals in Wayamba

As the Provincial Council (PC) election campaigns hit fever pitch, a group of North-Western Province (Wayamba) government ministers have sought a special probe into defender vehicles sans licence plates, which are being used by armed individuals in the area.

The ministers have urged the President to initiate an investigation via the Inspector General of Police (IGP) into the intimidating presence of the mysterious vehicles in the vicinity, government sources revealed.
Prior to this, the ministers complained to the President about an alleged plot to create fear psychosis in the province. Several Kurunegala Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP) branches petitioned President Mahinda Rajapaksa with regard to this.

Although the relevant ministers have sought a meeting with the President to discuss the matter, they have not received a response as yet, sources concluded.


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