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MInister Mervyn to break limbs of HRDs who went to Geneva

 Minister Mervyn threatens to break limbs of journos– treacherous Journalists. Minister Mervyn Silva said 0:00

Yesterday there was a vote, I am thankful for all media those journalists who showed live coverage for hours the picture of sour faces of white men when they were criticized by UNHRC council members at vote. We got 15 votes, they (USA) got 24 votes, 8 abstained praising Sri Lanka. 15+8 is 23 for us, 24 for white (USA). White man won by only 1vote majority. 0:37 So, Mr. Obama, finally there is no dance and there is no drum either. No body can interfere in this country. But I regret about our bastards who were born here betrayed us in Geneva. Sunnda Deshapriya, Nimalka Fernando, Poddala Jayantha…. I am the one who chased Poddala Jayantha from Sri Lanka I say in public.. they left because of me… there is another… Paikiasothy (Saravanamuttu) are the people who gave evidence against this country in Geneva. 1:27 I say in public.. (publish this in media).. If you get caught to me in Sri Lanka, the one who break your limbs in public will be Mervin Silva, I tell with responsibility (to: Sunanda Deshapriya, Nimalka Fernando, Poddala Jayantha and Paikiasothy Saravanamuttu, who are ‘traitors). 1:39 No matter who plot against me, this is my country, your country. I am a good Sinhalese Buddhist. I wont allow any one to auction my Sinhaleseness Buddhistness. If you (gathering) say that I should leave Mervin, then I give every one a leaf of beetle and bow and take farewell from you, the day you say to me. 2:12 My parliament seat is given by you will remain until 2016. My ministerial post given by President (Rajapaksa) will remain unchanged until he is in power. 2:33 My party electorate organizer post — not only Kelaniya seat ( in-charge of) and I expect I will have to be in-charge of one or two more electorates “

He referred these comments for journalists and rights defenders in Sri Lanka for giving evidence to UNHRC against Sri Lanka on alleged human rights violations. US Resolution on Sri Lanka was calling SL to implement LLRC recommendations. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eMzX6Td5zwA


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