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Military teachers are the climax of militarisation – Mano

Military getting introduced to the schools located in Kilinochchi and Mullaitheevu districts and attempting to teach second language is the climax of military rule transform.
This action is totally violating the recommendation made in the Sri Lanka government’s Reconciliation Commission’s report which quote decreasing the military occupation was said by Democratic People’s Front Leader Mano Ganeshan.

This should be immediately brought to the attention of international society by the Tamil National Alliance parliament members.

Mainly this matter should be brought to the attention of UNESCO the UN education, science and cultural organization coming under UN Organization in Colombo, its Residential Representative.

Sri Lanka Teachers Federation and Tamil Teachers Association including Teachers Trade Union movements should immediately commence trade union activities, and convey this to the International Teachers movement’s attention was further requested by him.

Mano Ganeshan regarding this further said,  Sri lanka military recruited Tamil women to the military without any   recruitment procedures under legal system . Currently,  military teachers activities are processed through the northern  provincial education ministry.

Teachers dearth is prevailing to educate language, mathematics  and science subjects, hence military Teachers had been appointed, and military is organized to teach education are some contradicting statements made by military spokesperson is much perplexing.

In southern Sri Lanka at many schools teachers’ scarcities occur. But military are not assigned for teaching in these areas. If Teachers unavailability exists, new teachers should be appointed.

Many possess educational qualifications and have completed training. Many graduates are eagerly waiting for job appointments. Many  are working as volunteer teachers are keenly expecting suitable appointments.

Without taking this into consideration, by reasoning out that there is dearth for teachers and introducing military teachers to schools cannot be accepted.

Education sector authorities come under provincial council. However, provincial council does not exist in north and northern provincial Governor Chandrasiri being the former military officer is taking law in his hands and is processing these activities, reasoning out this.

This action cannot be obstructed by the provincial council officials. Due to nonexistence of provincial council’s members, Governor cannot function according to his will.

In fact provincial council members do not exist in the north hence, it is functioning under the surveillance of parliament members.

Therefore all the Jaffna election district parliament members coming under Kilinochchi district, all the Vanni election district parliament members coming under Mullaitheevu district, should immediately come to the decision forgetting party politics differences and should oppose to impede these activities.

Actually this government scripted and produced the report of Learnt Lesson Commission but the recommendations quoted are now violated by the government.

I wish to point out that the report states, military occupation should be reduced. Without lessening the government is imposing military in all aspects in the Tamil society.

A written document indicating this matter should be notified by the Alliance parliament members to the UN Human Rights Commission.

They should immediately bring this to the UNESCO which is operating under the UN organization in Colombo, the Residential Representation for UN education, science and cultural which I am requesting.

Meanwhile the illegal  activities which has commenced in Mullai, Thunukkai, Kilinochchi educational zones should be opposed professionally, and the Sri Lanka Teachers Association and Tamil Teachers Union including Teachers Trade Union movements should immediately commence trade union activities, and the Teachers trade unions should bring this to the International Teachers movement was further mentioned by him.

Sunday , 06 January 2013



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