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Migrant who had Returned to Motherland Abducted and Killed by Burning

A person believed to be a migrant to a foreign country and who had returned to his mother country has been abducted and brutally murdered, according to the GTN reporter.

The body of this person has been recovered from a tobacco plot at the border of the high security zone in Punnalaikattuvan North.

The body was found in a partially burnt state around 8 PM on Sunday (17-04-11)

The murdered person is identified as Vythilingam Selvaganesan (42 years) from Urumpirai north from the passport found near the partially burnt body, says the GTN reporter. Further details could not be gathered as it was nightfall, the reporter added.

Details of why the murdered person was abducted?  the reason for the killing and why the killers were trying to destroy the evidence are still not known.

Police are conducting further inquiries.



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